Skin Two UK Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable - Blue Flame Vibrator
Skin Two UK Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable - Blue Flame Vibrator
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Doxy Die Cast 3 Rechargeable - Blue Flame

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    YOUR FREEDOM - YOUR CHOICE - TAKE YOUR DOXY WITH YOU; The Doxy Die Cast 3R is the new slimline rechargeable model, meaning it has no cable tail and can be used wherever and whenever you like. Doxy Die Cast bodies are hand polished, assembled and tested before being dispatched around the world. The newest and most endearing product to date - this rechargeable vibrating wand massager gives you the freedom to enjoy Doxy power in a new way. It has the same neat dimensions and is made with the same high-quality materials as the mains-powered Doxy Die Cast 3. Now when you are liberated from the power supply you can really get to know a whole new Doxy experience. The Doxy 3R features a slick slimline aluminium case, making it discreet and compact keeping all your travel needs in mind.

    The Doxy Die Cast 3 and 3R are the only wands on the market to have a detachable head and screw on attachments. Compatible with all 4 of the Doxy attachments, this also makes the Doxy 3 a multi-use interchangeable wand for both internal and external stimulation. This innovation prevents the attachments from slipping off or spinning around during use. The vibration is also transferred throughout the attachment much more effectively than if they were placed over the existing head that would dampen the intensity.

    Power to play. Your Doxy Die Cast 3R can be fully charged in just four hours using the USB cable provided. When the red light on the power button disappears you are ready to enjoy your Doxy massager magic for up to one hour at the highest setting. Be careful though - your new Doxy delight isn't waterproof. It has the same easy to use Doxy control buttons so you can deliver really pleasurable moments (rpms) from a tempting 3 000 all the way up to a nerve-tingling 9 000rpms. Or hold down the power button for three seconds to try the escalating pulse setting for a simply sensational experience.

    Go anywhere. Your Doxy Die Cast 3R is your go anywhere, anytime companion. When you're out and about you can use the travel-lock by pressing the power button and minus button at the same time for four seconds and then slide it into its handsome storage tube. When you're ready for some Doxy delights just unpack it, do the same again and it will spring into life.

    Delightfully different. The Doxy 3 range features a removable head so you can enjoy alternative attachments. USB charger delivers low voltage direct current.

    Body Length: 28cm; Head Diameter: 4.5cm; Body Circumference: 12cm; Weight: 350g