Skin Two UK Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress Dress
Skin Two UK Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress Dress
Skin Two UK Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress Dress
Skin Two UK Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress Dress
Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress
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Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress

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    Fabulous High Neck Skater Latex Dress in thick black latex rubber. This skirt is craftily pleated to create a distinctive and flattering bell shape that minimises the waist. With a very high neckline and a zip fastening on the back that runs all the way from the top to the bottom. The dress measures 32 inches (81cm) from the shoulder to the bottom. This sexy skater dress will encapsulate you with sensuality. Shoes not included.

    Please Note: All rubber items are supplied unpolished and dusted (with talc) to preserve the material to the highest standards and to allow customers to choose their finish. To polish any item (as in the image) Use silicone spray or liquid polish, available in our accessories section.

    This gorgeous black skater dress has a flared skirt design that minimises the waist and enhances your curves for a sexy look ideal for fetish parties and clubbing, as well as to wear in private! It has a zip up the full length of the back of the dress making it easy to put on, and a high neckline that makes you feel fully enclosed in the tight latex. Available in sizes S - 2XL.

    As with all of our latex clothing, the Fabulous High Neck Skater Dress is shipped dusted with talc and unpolished, ready for you to polish to your preferred level of shine with liquid polish or silicon spray, which you can find in our accessory section. This keeps the natural latex in the best condition and lets you choose how shiny you want your hot new latex dress to be when worn!

    *** These garments are handmade in the UK by our in-house designers. Therefore, if the item is out of stock then you can click the pre order button and we can make this item specifically for you. If this is the case then it can take up to 20 working days for UK delivery and 25 working days for International Delivery. If pre ordered this item is not eligible for next day delivery. ***


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